We’re building more
 than housing.
We’re building opportunity.

For 30 years, the Partnership has assisted over 12,000 households in finding safe, affordable homes for their families.
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Community Partnerships

We support the growth of affordable housing in Wisconsin and across the country by helping community leaders plan effective affordable housing projects based on a community’s specific needs.

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Housing for Everyone

We develop homes to sell and rent, at a price families can afford. We’re dedicated to providing safe and healthy homes in neighborhoods across the state.

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We inspire and advance affordable housing

We unite business, non-profit, and government leaders to create safe, affordable homes for Wisconsin families. Access to affordable housing is important to developing a steady workforce, vibrant neighborhoods and communities, and a prosperous economy. As a result, we seek to expand affordable housing in Wisconsin and beyond to make life better for all of us, one affordable home at a time.

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Expert Consulting

We assist local communities with every aspect of housing development, finance and management. We provide development consulting to nonprofit and for-profit developers.

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With 20 years of experience we know the housing development process from start to finish. We work with community-based nonprofit corporations, for-profit developers, local governments and the private sector to make projects happen.

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Housing Programs

We design and manage housing financing programs. Our work on expanding home ownership opportunities is part of our mission to expand the housing choices available to lower-income housing consumers and revitalize neighborhoods.

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News from the Partnership

No Affordable Housing in Wisconsin for Minimum Wage Worker

In order to afford a modest, two-bedroom apartment at Fair Market Rent in Wisconsin, renters need to earn $15.92 per hour. In Madison, this number is higher—renters need to earn $18 per hour to affordable a modest, two-bedroom apartment. Housing wages for each community in Wisconsin were revealed in a national report released today. The […]

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Increased Rental Cost Burden

The number of households renting in the U.S. has increased by 9 million since 2005–to a total of 43 million households. During the same period, only 8.2 million rental units were added–so supply of housing is less than demand–which means rents are going up. As a result, 21.3 millions households pay more than 30 percent […]

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Join the National Low Income Housing Coalition!

WPHD is a member of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. NLIHC is an advocacy group that seeks reforms so that the lowest income individuals and families have access to affordable housing. They produce data and information that is used all over the United States to advocate for affordable housing. For example, they do a […]

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Affordable housing more important than ever

Recent data has indicated that since 2000, rents across the United States have INCREASED by 13 percent in real dollars. Over the same period, income has gone DOWN by 11 percent. So it is not surprising that families are having more trouble affordable their rent. And, that the need for affordable housing has grown, despite […]

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